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Ready set flow

The big advantage of running being such a repetitive sport is that every small improvement in your form will make a significant difference. Good alignment is foundational to increasing speed with ease and staying injury free, which is why it is a key focus at the Ready Set Flow workshop on June 25th. Learning to maintain good postural alignment as you run really is a process and something that  evolves with guidance and focused practice. For those who persist the rewards are great.

Did you know?

In the advanced stages of Chi Running we breath entirely through the nose. This becomes possible because Chi Running aligns your body so well that it reduces the work of running to a point where you no longer need to gasp for air through your mouth. Curious? You can up your performance with better breathing at Lungs of Life.

Class Schedule

  • Duration: 5.5 Hours

What You Will Learn

  • Powerful yet simple tools to create lightness and freedom in your running.
  • How to align your posture for increased cardiovascular efficiency and better athletic performance.
  • How to use your arms to make breathing easier as you run.

What You Get

  • Improved posture, heightened body awareness and better breathing.
  • Sharpened mental focus and a stronger core.
  • Skills and ‘drills’ that open the door to a new level of mental peace, emotional calm and physical power in your running and your life.
  • Video analysis.
  • Delicious lunch.
  • A fun and rewarding day with likeminded runners.
  • End of day Yin Yoga Class (deep stretch and release).


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