Run faster with less effort and stay injury free with Chi Running®


Based on the Tai Chi principles of alignment, balance and flow, the Chi Running® technique shifts the work of running to the centre of the body. Moving this way is highly efficient and protects the body from injury. This transformational running technique is scientifically proven to reduce the impact forces of running and is widely used by athletes around the world.

The Chi Running® technique can help you to:

  • Eliminate and reduce risk of injury
  • Run faster with less effort
  • Maintain a high level of performance for longer
  • Eliminate unnecessary physical and mental tension

The mind body focus of the Chi Running® technique creates physical resilience, mental clarity and emotional calm.

Chi Running Workshop

Video analysis

Video analysis is included in all of Maggie’s Chi Running workshops. Find out more about how this analysis works here.


This fluid yet powerful style of running has key benefits to a wide range of runners.

High performance runners

Maintain perfect alignment of body and mind under the intense pressures of faster running. This will eliminate tension associated with speed so you can run faster with less effort. Stay injury-free, recover faster, increase your top speed and be competitive for longer.

As someone who was often dealing with mere seconds determining whether I would be satisfied or not, I was interested in anything legal that would get me get faster. I read the Chi Running® book, and not only did I get faster, I learned that I didn’t need to rely on the outcome measured by time for happiness. This realisation was huge.

Ryan, Competitive Marathoner

Middle to long distance runners

Enjoy optimum athletic output and high-level endurance with minimal impact to your body. By integrating the skills of alignment, balance and flow into your running you will eliminate tension and reduce your risk of injury. Become a more confident and relaxed runner who can enjoy running for many years to come.

Since starting the Chi Running® four years ago I have not experienced any major problems that have stopped me from running. I’ve done a few ultra-marathons. And now I want to be able to keep the chi flow going through a longer run better than I have been. If I can keep the Chi Running® working better for me I will finish the event faster, sooner and prevent any injuries.

Langdon, Chi ultra trail runner

New, returning and recreational runners

Take the stress out of running. Learn how to run in a way that gives you better posture, a strong core, and a calm mind. Enjoy more confidence in your body and energy in your life.

Teachers and students of Pilates and Yoga

Experience the same sense of alignment, balance and flow in running that you do in Pilates or Yoga. Your movement background has already equipped you the key skills needed to run with grace and ease. Chi Running® will feel natural to you.

Chi Running® is completely different to normal running. When I am Chi Running® I feel light on my feet and resilient to injury. In a way, I think Chi Running® is how normal running is supposed to be.

Hugh Lee, Yoga teacher Trainer

Injured Runners

You will learn to run in a way that distributes the load or running evenly throughout your body, which will take the stress away from your injured areas. Through the Chi Running® technique you will develop skills that directly address the musculoskeletal imbalances that caused your injury. Reduce your risk of re-injury, move forward with confidence and reconnect to the joy of running.

Biomedical practitioners

This intelligent approach to running will make perfect sense to your anatomical mind. Chi Running® will provide you with a running practice that synchronises your body and mind through progressive challenges that yield outstanding results.


Training smarter instead of harder delivers maximum results in minimal time. Through the Chi Running® technique you will enjoy a greater return for the energy you put into training – thereby freeing time and energy to spend in the pool and on the bike (and celebrating after a successful race!).

Retired Athletes

The Chi Running® technique will keep you motivated and enlivened with progressive challenges that will not exhaust your body. You will enjoy faster results due to your training history and mental focus. Chi Running® offers you a balanced and refined fitness practice that supports life long health and enjoyment of life.

Here is what Chris, who is the husband of an ex professional rower and now Chi runner had to say:

I was out with my boys when I noticed a woman running on the opposite sidewalk… She was my wife’s size and dressed like my wife, but she was moving lightly, quickly, with her feet rising up behind her as she ran. When I realised it actually was my wife, I was blown away. Normally she looks like a rower warming up, but that day she looked like a professional runner.

Chris, husband of an retired professional rower

Gain more from your running practice than you ever imagined possible.


I have become a confident and self-reliant runner again. Aside from some nice race results and PB’s this year, the biggest benefit of my training with Maggie has been the assurance that came from bringing body and mind onto the same page. I have a lesser fear of injury now, some tools to treat myself and a greater sense of wellbeing.

Davern, ex athlete and new Chi runner

I did a lot of interval work, totally form focused, not speed focused and really felt the difference in my running. Then I put Maggie’s teaching to the test and tackled a route that meant I had to run up three daunting hills. I applied my new Chi skills and hey presto I made it up all three with ease, I would never have even tried such a challenging route before Chi Running®. 

Suze Pilling, tri-athelite

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