For runners, Pilates brings benefits of refined co-ordination, enhanced body awareness and greater confidence.


‘Pilates on the run’ for runners helps to eliminate unnecessary tension, reduce risk of injury and increase cardiovascular capability. Weaknesses and imbalances that show up in running can be quickly and effectively addressed in Pilates practice. Because Pilates is slower and more methodical, it allows more time to body sense and correct your inefficient movement patterns.

Due to the highly repetitive nature of running, you can very quickly develop a way of running that compromises your performance, creates excessive tension or causes injury. These faulty running mechanics can become very deeply ingrained in your neuromuscular patterns and are challenging to correct. To make long lasting and effective change to the way you run, it is essential to change the way your body thinks about running. A well-executed Pilates session can set up new and healthy neuromuscular patterns very quickly.

The system that Jo Pilates called ‘Contrology’ has all of the essential ingredients needed to train your brain and your body to move in alignment, balance and flow as you run. So, rather than having to get strong to run – you will get strong because of the way you run. Running in this physically intelligent way develops your deep core strength, optimum alignment, refined body awareness, full breath and a focused mind.


In a running-specific Pilates session with Maggie you will learn how to take all the benefits of ‘Pilates on the run’. Every exercise performed will be related directly to your running. With a clear instruction on how to identify and correct imbalances that inhibit your running performance. You will experience the Pilates exercises in a way that ensures your complete understanding of what your body needs to do throughout all four phases of your running stride, what it should feel like, and how to take it into your running.

When thoughtfully applied, ‘Pilates on the run’ will address these common running issues:

  • physical and mental tension
  • laboured breath
  • decreases in performance
  • hitting the wall
  • cramps
  • heavy legs
  • fatigue and injury.

‘Pilates on the run’ also has a lot to offer runners who are performing well and looking to improve further or stay at the top of their game.

Chi Running® and Pilates both work on the principle that powerful and efficient movement is the product of a well aligned and centred body that is free of excess tension. All of Maggie’s Chi Running® workshops incorporate Pilates sequences to enhance the clarity and efficiency of your learning.

Take your running to the
next level with
‘Pilates On The Run’


When I run, I can now tell what’s doing what. I can be precise. If something is out of alignment I can correct it. I know how to pick my body up and it helps a lot. I breathe better and everything feels easier.

Isis Holt

2015 IPC world record setter in 100m and 200m and winner of three Paralympic medals in 2016.

 I firmly believe that Pilates should be a Chi Running® prerequisite. It is completely aligned with the Chi Running® principles. Everything makes more sense now. I am able to align my body much better and I know how to take the stress off my tight muscles.


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