The Pilates method is a dynamic system of therapeutic exercise that balances muscular force at the joint level to create a body that is well aligned, athletically capable and free of excess tension.


By working the body from inside out, Pilates effects profound shifts in postural alignment, muscular flexibility, joint stability and range of motion. It also engages the mind and body in a rich and purposeful way to create heightened body awareness and precise coordination.

The key benefits of this powerful and demanding practice are:

  • enhanced athletic performance
  • full recovery from and resilience to future injury
  • freedom from excess muscular tension
  • mental clarity
  • physical confidence
  • increased energy to perform in sport and enjoy life.
pilates sessions


German-born athlete and physical therapy pioneer Joseph H. Pilates developed the system over a span of 60 years. During this time Jo took himself from extreme illness to supreme athleticism. Jo’s personal journey is reflected in his system. Pilates is dynamic nature and has the capacity to yield remarkable results in those with extreme limitations through to those working in the realm of elite athleticism.

Historically the early adopters of Pilates were elite athletes and Dancers. These people flocked to Jo for his ability to elevate physical performance beyond that of normal expectation, even after severe injury.

Jo designed his exercise system with a depth and richness that, in its skillful application, increases physical capability in any sport or activity. Pilates can also rehabilitate even the most complex and debilitating injuries, and challenge even the most powerful athletes.


Maggie coaches highly motivated athletes who have a passion for staying at the top of their game to eliminate tension and increase flow. This enables them to achieve outstanding performances and prevent injury. For them, and many elite athletes around the world, Pilates is an essential aspect of their training. These athletes swear by the method for its profound results and wouldn’t do without it.

Even after the first session I noticed how different I felt. I really like the specificity of my Pilates sessions. What I do in my sessions is not relevant to everyone – it is just specifically relevant to me.

Isis Holt

Isis Holt, shortly after bringing home gold in the 100m and 200m 2015 IPC Athletics world championships. She followed up soon after with two silver and a bronze at her first Paralympic games in Rio.

The biggest benefit of Pilates for me is that it trains my mind as well as my body.

Hayley Wickenheiser

Hayley Wickenheiser, in the lead up to winning the third of her four Olympic Gold medals. As the all-time highest Olympic goal scorer in women’s ice hockey (and so much more). Hayley stands out as one of the most focused and successful female athletes of all time.

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I do Pilates because I believe it could make me a 100th of a second faster and that could be the difference between silver and gold.

John Montgomery

John in the lead up to his 2010 Winter Olympic win in Skeleton.
John defeated the field with a margin of 0.07 seconds.

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