Understand exactly what you need to change and why with a video analysis session.

Video analysis session

In a video analysis session you will see yourself on slow motion video and receive clear explanations of what you are doing through each phase of your running stride.

See yourself like never before:

  • Make links between what you are feeling and what you are actually doing
  • Understand exactly what you need to change and why
  • Make a huge leap forward in body awareness

Seeing yourself from the coach’s perspective will be very revealing.

This information helps you to synchronise what you feel in your body with what you are actually doing as you run. When you take this awareness back to the run track it makes it much easier to make intelligent changes. This accelerates your journey toward running faster, injury free and with less effort.

Elite runners have periodical video analysis to stay at the top of their game. All runners deserve the benefits of this transformational running tool, which is why it is incorporated into all of Maggie’s running workshops. You can also book a video analysis session privately.

Looking at video from when I started training with Maggie and then video of me running about 6 months later was one of the biggest WOW experiences. Over the time Maggie has coached me, I could feel the changes I was making internally. But seeing how huge the difference was from the outside was stunning. It’s really helped me understand what’s going on in my body when I run. I now have more clarity about what to aim for. I can’t wait to see what it looks like in another 6 months.

Chris Baldwin
Video analysis session

See yourself take a big leap forward with a video analysis session with Maggie!

Take your running to the next level